Adelisa Selimbašić (b. 1996) is an Italo- Bosnian artist. In 2021 she graduated from Venice Academy of Fine Arts with a Master in Painting.

Adelisa Selimbašić aims to create a world in which the sense of inadequacy does not exist – allowing for an unconventional perception of the body by playing with scenes from everyday life. With the use of the simplicity of the body, Adelisa transmutes the idea of Femininity, focusing her research on human complexities.

The photographic format chosen by Adelisa recalls social media platforms, giving a sense of familiarity and false intimacy. The faces appear vague, representing subjective identities. The sitters maintain attitudes and are transformed into generational archetypes. The bodies begin to flow into each other, alluding to metaphors.

Currently, Adelisa's research is focused on the need, attraction, and tension of physical touch. The essence of the works is veiled by themes of body positivity, sisterhood, and feminism.

Solo exhibitions: Beacon in the Bowery- Azuki Furuya, Fridman gallery, New York, USA (2023);It was desire that finally takes shape in a body - Sara Lo Russo, Spazio Adiacenze, curated by Laura Rositani, Bologna, IT (2022); We will never meet so young, IPERCUBO gallery, curated by Luca Zuccala, STATE OF, Milan, IT (2021);

Group exhibitions: Immaculate Heart of Margaritaville, Nicodim gallery, curated by Devendra Banhart; Los Angeles, USA (2023); Fragments from afar, Mazzoli gallery, curated by Giuliana Benassi, Modena, IT (2023), A secret for a few - Knowing how to recognize yourself within a portrait, ArchiViVitali, curated by Alessia Romano, Bellano, IT (2022); Break-in. Temporal displacement, The Address gallery, curated by Arnold Braho, Brescia, IT (2022); Entracte, Renata Fabbri gallery, curated by Chiara Guidi, Milan, IT (2021);

Among the art residencies she participated in ViaFarini (Milan, IT), Center pour l'art contemperain (Essaouira, MA), Fridman gallery (Beacon, USA).

Adelisa Selimbašić currently lives and works in Milan, IT.

2024 — Up-coming January, Adelisa Selimbašić first solo show in London, BeAdvisors AD,
French Place, London (UK)
2023 — Adelisa Selimbašić solo show, Ipercubo gallery, Milan, (IT)
2023 — Adelisa Selimbašić and Azuki Furuya, Fridman gallery, New York, (USA)
2023 — Sassigrafa, Marsèll Paradise, Milan, (IT)
2022 — Fu dsesiderio che infine prende forma in un corpo, Adiacenze space, Bologna, (IT)
2022 — Adelisa Selimbašić shot3, Vettor, Bari, (IT)
2021 — Non ci incontreremo mai così giovani, Ipercubo gallery- STATE OF__, Milan, (IT)
2021 — Show1 Fabrizio Cicero/Adelisa Selimbašić, Mood/project gallery, Naples, (IT)

2023 — ‘MUSE’ Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2023 — Immaculate heart of Margaritaville, Nicodim gallery, Los Angeles, (USA)
2023 — Cremona Art week, Palazzo Affaitati, Cremona, (IT)
2023 — Parole di pelle, Villa Ottelio Savorgnan, Cervignano, (IT)
2023 — Frammenti da lontano, Mazzoli Gallery, Modena, (IT)
2022 — Un segreto per pochi- riconoscersi dentro ad un ritratto, ArchiVitali, Bellano, (IT)
2022 — Tales from the inside_out, Porta Garibaldi, Milan, (IT)
2022 — BABY TALK, Salotto Space, Vicenza, (IT)
2022 — Glitch, QuindiciDodici Space, Milan (IT)
2022 — Break-in.Temporal displacement, The Address Gallery, Brescia, (IT)
2021 — O castelos de destinos cruzados, Dinamo Gallery, Porto, (P)
2021 — Extraordinario, Vega Vulcano srl, Mestre (IT)
2021 — Entracte, Renata Fabbri gallery, Milan, (IT)
2021 — A new body of paintings, Superstudiolo gallery, Bergamo,(IT)
2021 — Chimere, Ex Ateneo Città Alta-Bergamo, Bergamo, (IT)
2021 — Kru, Medico’s palace, Carrara, (IT)
2021 — Perché siamo come tronchi sulla neve, Chiostro dei glicini, Milan, (IT)
2020 — Extraordinario workshop, Vulcano srl, Mestre, (IT)
2019 — Fuori dal vaso, Vulcano Agency, Mestre, (IT)
2019 — Opera prima, Nikola Tesla Museum, Zagreb, (HR)
2018 — Dissolvenze, Diocesan Museum, Padova, (IT)

2019 - 2021 — MA painting,Venice Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, (IT)
2016 - 2019 — BA painting, Venice Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, (IT)

Oliviero Falconi collection
Lorenzo Spinelli collection
Ernesto Esposito collection
Soho House
Ettore Rossetta collection
Renata Fabbri gallery collection
Andrea Boghi collection
Isorropiahomegallery collection
Frase collection
Private collections

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2021 —Of bodies, acceptance, games and sensuality: an interview with Adelisa selimbašić, ATP diary


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