a solo by Andres Ciccone

18 November — 16 December 2022


“For me this collection is all about the process.
I wanted the works to be a landscape of what I’m currently living. I didn’t have an overarching theme and I didn’t need one. I found myself surrounded by people visiting the studio, and the works just came naturally from these serendipitous encounters. Claudia’s eyelashes, Rita’s outline,
Marilyn’s red eyes...

I have a history of making geometric work that I love, but I had grown tired of it. I went to Lisbon to look for a peace of mind that I never got. I came to Berlin to hide, again. New York, banal things, fame... I was like a little boy with a gun. Today I decide that I want brutal honesty, brutal honesty that can only come from unscripted chemistry and connection.

That is increasingly hard to find. These are disgusting, murky, unreal times. How should one feel looking at the world? I’m not exaggerating. All of that comes into the play in one way or another. Realizing that things can go wrong, there is no justice for life’s refugees, you can not make perfect order out of chaos. And look, I love living on the run. But we have to take care of ourselves, my art is the process of living the opposite, the positive and the temporary.”

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