a solo by Harif Guzman

3 September — 15 October 2022


An exhibition experimenting with the feeling of joy, and how most of the time, this ends in pain. Whether the love for skateboarding results in an injury, but the injured skater continues in pain for the love of it. The passion for it. Same with relationships. Riding high one day, gone with the wind the next. But embracing the good with the bad, seeing it as a whole, is the essence of Paradiso de Pain. The good carry on. To love fearlessly and to surrender to it. Pain is truly what makes us feel alive. At times, we learn more through failure, than through success. Ultimately, it’s our memories that we take with us.

In these works, inspired by the drawings of American journalist Hunter S. Thompson by Ralph Steadman, I experiment with the flow of the inks blending into each other like nerves and feelings in the body. Only using blue tints and slightly rose colors, is my way of describing how memories of the past or thoughts of future might disturb the present. How these feelings slowly start to spread through the body, if one allows it, and because of our nature to self-sabotage and flee from love due to our unhealed trauma in our subconscious.

Black—Gallery, Kloosterstraat 152, 2000 Antwerp — +32 475 81 26
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