Against All Odds
a solo show by Harif Guzman

02 February 2024 — 03 March 2024


To depict migration related challenges, Harif envisioned each painting as if it were a visa applicant. By practicing this exercise Harif evokes an emotion by forcing the viewer to think about the topic before seeing physical
All artworks patiently await approval, except for one.

One painting gained entry to tell the story. Through this unique perspective, Harif successfully evokes a spectrum of emotions from the viewers – be it
disappointment, anxiety or hearty laughter. The paintings, akin to diverse visa applicants, offer a rich tapestry of feelings, creating an engaging and
thought-provoking experience for those who come to witness the artistic display. The second part of the show will bring back the spotlight to the paintings themselves . Each of the works might evoke the emotions felt by viewers in the first act. Staying true to the core of the show, which is to provoke a feeling or opinion on this topic.

In this series of paintings, Harif encapsulates a narrative where each color represents a distinct race, nationality, or geographical obstacle—whether on land or water—that necessitates traversing. The pivotal moment is visualized through a raised road, signifying a considerable turning point.

Throughout these works, a consistent element emerges in the form of lines and circles. The lines serve as symbolic representations of the roads which one has to follow or cross. While each circle represents a human-being.

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