Alexander Mignot, a former sailor, and avid surfer, grew up surrounded by water. His life is marked by interactions with the sea, to such an extent that his philosophy of living is deeply woven together with the idea of “flow”. In early discussions, it became clear that Mignot makes his artistic choices from a place of respecting internal cues and signs from life.

It takes a very specific kind of person to have the courage to spend 7 living years on a sailboat, one who has both curiosity and trust in high doses. Mignot found surfing at a young age, and located in its culture the qualities of adventure and liberty. These are values which he holds as guiding principles for his artistic practice. Once he said that “it may take months to get a good wave, and then one day it comes perfectly”. The key here is one continues day in and day out not for the thrill of catching a wave but for the pleasure of total immersion in the immense force of the ocean. Wisdom emerges from this place.

Mignot has a commitment to staying close to what is genuine.

Over his career as a painter, he has made the effort to find the ideal proportions between the auto-biographical and the universal. His archive of Surfer magazines is massive and through his research into his own history and the general history of surfing, he has also found an avenue to encounter the complex histories of human beings and the sea. Providing a frame both analytical and compositional, his series of Surfer magazine covers, which constitute the largest mass of his body of work, are also a means of memorialising the analogue.

2017 — july. UNTITLED, miami fl, usa
2017 — december. MISTAKES, presented by collectum, mexico df, mexico
2018 — february. RAVEL, presented by collectum, nyc, usa
2018 — may. NUNC, presented by collectum, madrid, spain
2018 — october SOLEDAD, oscar gallery, presented by collectum, paris, france
2019 — march. AQUI, st barthélemy, france
2019 — july. EL ESTUDIO, mykonos, greece
2019 — december. MOMENTO, valli art gallery & toys for boys, miami fl, usa

2023 — december. ‘GUACUCO’ Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2018 — january. OPENING, kayas gallery, lisbon, portugal
2019 — february. UNIQLUXURY, zonamaco, mexico df, mexico
2020 — november. FUNDACION ARTE VIVO auction, JUMEX museum, mexico df, mexico
2020 — november. ART SHOWCASE 2020, cabos san lucas, mexico
2023 — ‘MUSE’ Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2020 — november. FUNDACION ARTE VIVO auction, JUMEX museum, mexico df, mexico. title: NADIE (70 x 60 cm)
2021 — november. FUNDACION ARTE VIVO auction, MAIA contemporary art gallery, mexico df, mexico. title: cuando la luna media (135x235cm)

2019 — THE GREAT PRETENDER, zion magazine, st barthélemy, france
2019 — I PAINT, toys for boys magazine, miami fl, usa
2019, MOMENTO, miami diario, miami fl, usa


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