“I’m an American honey, our names don’t mean shit.”
—Butch Coolidge

Jackuzzi, legally known as Jack van Heurck, has been submerged by the crafts of fashion, arts and music for as long as he can remember.

Besides being a music curator at sonhouse collection and co-founder of Ezekiel 25:17, he most recently started expressing his artistic vision on both canvas and paper.

Hereabove, you were presented with a rather strange saying. One some of you may know, whereas others may not. It certainly is no coincidence this bio started off with a somewhat famous quote, directly pulled from Jackuzzi’s all time favourite movie, Pulp Fiction. The reason may seem ironic, but the straightforwardness simply makes sense. And of course, because he likes the sound of it. Jackuzzi’s works do not need a second meaning, a deep and philosophical background. For all he cares, the drawings must please the eye, making both artist and the bystander content.

A talented and daring take on art, which originates from the mere fact that, as a kid, Jack enjoyed portraying his worldly perspective through drawings. Back then, thoughts of turning this into more than just a hobby never even crossed his playful mind.

Phrasing by Louis Moortgat


2023 — ‘MUSE’ Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2023 — 'Anotha Rakoon' edmond, Brussels, Belgium
2023 — ’Spiegel Ei’ Black—Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2022 — ‘Untitled’ In collaboration with Studio Hermano, Cadzand, Netherlands


78cm × 52,7cm
50,1cm × 32,6cm
78cm × 52,7cm

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