a solo by Jackuzzi

20 Januari — 9 Februari 2023


Going solo demands a certain courage. Not withstanding the presence of said courage, this exhibition is brought to you in collaboration with BLACK Gallery. To a certain extent, the very birthing of this exhibition originated from BLACK Gallery’s continuous interest in Jack’s drawings. An interest that motivated the artist to expand his horizons, and do it in a more professional manner.

Blood, sweat and tears, but mostly wasco, oil sticks and spray paint have been put in these works ever since the unexpected success of his debut exhibition last summer. The result of which shows a total of fifteen works. Techniques used primarily encompass the idea of getting things done in one shot. Personas presented may at times be voluptuous and curvy, while at others brutally bodiless.

One must adhere to Jackuzzi’s will for free interpretation of his art, while we must be careful as not the break the boundaries of contradiction. Nonetheless, there lies an iceberg of inspiration underneath what you see, still. After all, the works are indisputably themed by what the artist digs? (trouve un mot pour dingue).
When listening to him, we find that his inmost influence is music he plays while drawing. If so, this may also be derived from his day-to-day job in which he constantly plays with sounds. Poetically said, Jackuzzi draws his music.

If, as a bystander, you are one to look for deeper philosophical messages hidden in art, you just might find them here. Though this will require use of your own playfulness and judgement about what it is you see. As to discover what it is you seek. In its essence, this exposition portrays some of the artist’s personal likes, but even he, remains curious as to where these drawings may lead your thoughts.

Phrasing by Louis Moortgat

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